Al-Shabaab operative defects to Somali government in Bakol

A senior al-Shabaab operative has surrendered to Somali government forces in Southern Somalia region of Bakol.

The man identified as Yarow Hassan Aden was paraded on Thursday in Hudur by Somali military commanders.

Yarow reportedly turned himself in to the 51st division of the Somali National Army (SNA).

Speaking to the media, the division commander, in the region, Derow Abdi Ali said Yarow defected to the government following talks that led to his defection from the group.

“The man gave himself up and laid down his weapon and he informed us he was ready to assist government forces in their fight against al-Shabab extremists,” the commander said.

According to the commander, Yarow is in the hands of the National Security and Intelligence Agency for interrogation.

On his part, Yarow told the media that he was mistaken to join the group.

“I have found out that al-Shabaab has deviated from the right path and they are fighting to harm Somali people so I decided to quit that wrong ideology,” Aden said.


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