Galmudug clans agree to form inclusive government- communique

Clans in Galmudug have agreed to jointly form new regional government after conclusion of reconciliation conference in Dhusamareb.

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi has last night concluded a weeklong reconciliation talks in Dhusamareb.

In a communiqué issued, the communities agreed to support the formation of a new government based on the aspirations of the people of Galmudug.

“The clans agreed to jointly participate in the formation regional government and iron out any diffences between them,” the communiqué reads in part.

According to the communiqué, the new administration will be guided by Sharia and professional constitution of Somalia.

“Formation of the regional government will be based on mutual discussion, confidence, and will belong to all as the government will be guided by regulations based on Sharia and the Constitution,” the resolution said.

The meeting brought together representatives from various clans in Galmudug.


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