Somaliland Women Conference discuss on quota representation

Somaliland Women Conference on Quota representation concluded in Borama on Sunday.
The two-day event deliberated on the political representation and ways to achieve women’s quota.

According to organizers, the conference was a practical step of garnering and mobilizing for national support to circumvent Somaliland’s Upper house on opposition to women’s quota representation.

President Muse Bihi Abdi’s administration is advocating a motion to be tabled in the parliament which will allow if passed the allocation of three posts for women in every six regions.

Women activists have been advocating for more representation in political positions across Somali administrations.

According to the constitution, 30 percent of seats in all elective posts should go to women.

The biggest challenge since approval has been the realization of the quota system in the male-dominated Somali society but some progress has been made mainly in Somali upper and lower house of parliament as well as the cabinet where over 20 percent are women.


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