Warsheikh district official succumbs to injuries on pistol accident

Xildhibaan Xasan Cali Xasan ee dhaawaca u geeriyooday

Warsheikh district official, Hassan Ali Hassan has succumbed to injuries sustained a month ago during a pistol training session.

The deceased was accidentally wounded by the town’s mayor Hassan Haji Mohamed during a pistol training session in September.

He was nursing his wounds at Madina general hospital, where he was transferred from Kaysane hospital for further treatment.

Somali government officials are a target for the armed group al-Shabaab al Shabaab thus take security measures to familiarize themselves with weapons.

However notable high-ranking officials including the minister and military officials were accidentally killed by security agencies by mistake.

In May 2017, the bodyguards for Somalia’s auditor general shot dead Abbas Abdullahi Sheikh Siraji, the public works, and reconstruction minister, in an apparent accident near the presidential palace in Mogadishu.

Days ago, security guards of the minister for internal security mistakenly shot dead Somali special force commander General, Mahaday in an accident.

He was laid to rest on Tuesday following investigations.


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