Wajir county bans commercial sex

Wajir county assembly members have approved a motion prohibiting commercial sex workers in the county.

The motion tabled by Danaba MCA, Hon Alinoor was unanimously approved.

The move came after complaints from residents of the city who are mainly Muslims about the increasing prostitution behavior in the area.

They also called for the closure of the one and only bar in the city popular known as Ngamia club saying it is the main catalyst behind the growth of the illegal business which is prohibited in Islam.

The facility which is near several key education institutions including Wajir high school and medical training college is also affecting the learning, arguing that it is luring several underage students into drugs and commercial sex.

The security agencies are expected to enforce the new directive by the county assembly.

Some of Wajir’s non Muslim communities who are mainly expatriates have raised their concerns saying it is their constitutional right to enjoy their time at drinking and social gatherings in bars.

It is not immediately clear if they will challenge the move in court.


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