Son of slain Mogadishu mayor appoints to Somali UN mission

Mohamed Abdirahman Osman

Mohamed Abdirahman Osman, the son of the late Mogadishu mayor, Abdirahman Mohamed Omar was appointed as the first secretary of the Somali mission at the United Nations in New York.

A letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on Monday confirmed his appointment to the significant diplomatic mission urging him to diligently dispatch his duties.

“Mr. Mohamed Omar Abdirahman is hereby directed to diligently and patriotically perform his duties.” The letter from Minister Ahmed Isse Awad said.

It also urged staff at the Somali mission in New York to closely cooperate with the new colleague.

Mohamed is a graduate from the Queen University of London and fluent in English and Arabic apart from mother tongue Somali.

He came to media limelight during the funeral of his late father, Abdirahman Omar Osman as the main spokesman of the family during the hard moment.

Armed group al-Shabaab claimed the responsibility for the attack that killed engineer Yarisow in July following a female suicide attack at his office in Mogadishu.


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