President Farmajo appoints new attorney general

Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has appointed, Suleyman Mohamed Mohamud as the country’s new attorney general on Monday.

The new appoint will see former immediate government attorney, Ahmed Ali Dahir to leave the post.
A statement from the office of the President termed the new move as ongoing measures to reform the judiciary system in the country.

“The new appointment follows recommendations by the chief justice, Bashe Yusuf Ahmed and the need for reforms on the judiciary sector on delivery of justice.” The statement said.

The head of state-directed relevant agencies to work towards the completion process of the long-awaited constitutional committee.

On the other hand, the President called upon the new attorney general to perform his national duties diligently by serving the citizens of the country in the justice corridor fairly.

He thanked former attorney, Ahmed Ali Dahir for the national service.


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