Ethiopian based Somali cultural leader kicks of peace mission in Northern Kenya

Ethiopian based Sarsansor sub-clan cultural leader, Wabar Abdille Wabar Abdi has embarked on peace mission in North Eastern Kenya on Friday.

The Wabar or King arrived in Nairobi on November 29 where received warm welcomed from the leaders of community in the country before meeting with President, Uhuru Kenyatta where he was awarded medal for his peace-making efforts across the communities living in the border.

A delegation led by Wajir county governor, Mohamed Abdi Mohamud welcomed the Wabar and his team in Wajir for five days visit in the county on Friday to preach peace and pray for his followers.

The Wabar is also expected to visit Mandera to meet local leaders and supporters before he returns back to Ethiopia.

He was praised for his traditional leadership away from interference into modern politics.

Somali government through its ambassador in Kenya, Mohamed Ahmed Nur Tarsan has requested the Wabar to visit Mogadishu after his tour in Kenya during a party hosted in his honor in Nairobi earlier.


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