German contributes 1 Million Euros to a joint Somali police program

The German government has contributed one million euros to support the joint police program in Somalia on Tuesday.

The funds by the German federal foreign office will help in peacebuilding and stability efforts in Somalia.

The Joint police program is a United Nations Police and the UN Assistance Mission’s project to support Federal Member State police services in planning and knowledge exchange.

The program supports a two-tier policing structure that seeks to develop strong national and state-level police services in the Horn of Africa country.

Spearheaded by the Federal Ministry of Internal Security, the program is expected to expedite the ongoing transition of security responsibilities from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to Somalia’s security forces.

According to the Somali government and its international partners since the launch of the program, the Federal and state-level governments have asserted greater responsibility in delivering more effective policing services to their communities.


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