Drone crashes in Hiiraan region

Al-Shabaab fighters in Somalia’s central on Thursday said their fighters seized a suspected US drone which has crashed in an al-Shabaab-held area in Bula-Burdde district of Hiiraan region.

In a statement posted on its affiliate online media, the group stated that the aircraft land crashed in Biyo-Nef village which is under the control of the group.

Bula-Burdde Police Commissioner, Abdi Mohamed Abdi confirmed that a drone had crashed and was torched.

Abdi told the media that they had dispatched security forces to the area to confirmed the report of drone crash but the aircraft was destroyed by al-Shabaab before the forces arrived in the area.

The drone is suspected to be a U.S. reconnaissance drone but the US has not yet commented on the incident.

The small-sized surveillance drones are vital machine helping the US on its covert anti-terror campaign against militants in Somalia.

US drones have killed dozens of senior al-Shabaab leaders including the leader of the group Ahmed Abdi Godane in airstrikes for the past few years.


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