ISIS convict dies in Mogadishu jail

Waa Sawir Mahad Maxamuud Cabdi (Abuu Yaasiin) Xilli uu ku sugnaa Maxkamadda Ciidamada Qalabka Sida
Waa Sawir Mahad Maxamuud Cabdi (Abuu Yaasiin) Xilli uu ku sugnaa Maxkamadda Ciidamada Qalabka Sida

A convicted ISIS militant has died in Mogadishu following short illness, sources confirmed.

Mahad Mohamud Abu-Yasin was serving fifteen years in jail after he was found guilty of supporting and membership of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group in 2018.

According to sources privy the development, Abu-Yasin died last night in Mogadishu after sudden illness.

Somali government has not yet commented on the death of Abu-Yasin.

He would third person convicted of being member of terror group died in the jail before completing their jail terms, the two others were al-Shabaab woman and man.

Russian passport

Abu Yasin was a Somalia-Russian dual citizen who holding Russian passport and lived in Moscow for some time before moving to Somalia to join ISIS.
The militant was nabbed in an operation carried out by Somali forces in last April on the outskirts of Mogadishu.

He was arrested and convicted with a comrade who is serving 15 years in Mogadishu jail.
Both men were said to have been operating in southern Somalia for some time and orchestrated attacks on Somali forces.

Abu-Yasin disguised himself as a trader before he was arrested, according to Somali military court.

Set up ISIS splinter faction

During the trials before a military court in Mogadishu, the convict was said to given
Bay’ah to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi to set up ISIS splinter faction in Somalia.

Before joining arriving, Abu-Yasin spent time fighting alongside ISIS fighters in Syria.

It is yet clear whether he had disagreed with Sheikh Abdulkadir Mumin, a former scholar for al-Shabab who now leads ISIS in Somalia.

Pro-ISIS split from al-Shabab in October 2015 and later occupied Qandala, a key location in Bari region under Puntland State north Somalia since 2016.

According to experts, ISIS has 200-300 men in Somalia.

Al-Shabab and IS have been fighting in the eastern mountainous areas since December 2018.


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