Kenya hunts terror suspecct over Dadaab attack

Kenya police have announced the name of Dadaab attack Mastermind barely two days after the attack left four dead.

The police said the security agencies launched operations to hunt down the suspect who is identified as Maulid Bilal.

“Local communities here know most of these attackers but they can’t help us with information because suspects are part of the community,’ the officer said on condition of anonymity.

According to The Star, Bilal recruited some of his students into the groups. Reports indicate that he is well-versed in the physical and demographic nature of the region, hence provides key assets in planning for attacks.

“Almost every time there is an attack here, the local communities know attackers. It becomes difficult to win a crackdown on terrorism,” the officer said.

The move comes barely two days after al-Shabaab attacked a police in Dadaab sub-county.

Security personnel including special forces said they recovered two AK47 rifles and two Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from the slain men.

Area Deputy Commissioner Kibet Bowen said four locals who included a teacher were killed in an exchange of fire.

The other victims included children. They were in their house when stray bullets fired in a shootout hit them.

Other officials indicated all the victims were pupils from a local school.


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