Somali forces kill five al-Shabaab in southern Somalia

Somali forces killed eight al-Shabaab fighters and destroyed technical vehicles following attack on al-Shabaab base in Lower Jubba region of southern Somalia.

Speaking to the media, Jubbaland Security Ministry spokesman, Abdinur Ibrahim Hussein said Somali military launched operation to annihilate al-Shabaab in Ufow village outside Kismayu.

According to Hussein, the forces carried out covert operation on Friday following order by the military command to liberate more areas.

“The forces executed the operations as per the plan, there was brief gunfire between the sides but militants later fled the areas with heavy casualties. Five bodies of al-Shabaab fighters were spotted in areas,” he said.

The official confirmed that during the operation, the forces dozens of AK47 and other rifles from the group in the village.

Liberation of another village

In separate operation, Jubbaland state forces backed by Somali army liberated Yaq Baisharo, on the outskirts of the coastal city of Kismayo.
Aden Abdulkadir, commander of the first division of Jubbaland forces, said the operation which was conducted early killed three al-Shabaab fighters.

“There was a fierce clash and the forces inflicted severe casualties on the militants, killing three of them. We captured one of the fighters alive,” he said.

The operations came on the heel of Tuesday attack by Somali special forces where at least 35 al-Shabab fighters in the same region.

Somali troops have intensified operations against al-Shabab in southern regions where the the fighters still hold swathes of rural areas, carrying out ambushes and planting landmines.

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