UK issues travel advisory on Kenya after Shabaab attack

The government of Britain has issued a travel advisory for its citizens visiting Kenya barely a week after heavily al-shabaab fighters attacked a military based in Kenya’s coastal region.

The UK, through its Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), urged its citizens to only travel to specific areas of Kenya if necessary avoid risks that may be face as al-shabaab intensified its attack in Kenya.

“The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential,” the UK posted on its website.
According to FCO, 190,000 UK residents visit Kenya every year. “Most visits are trouble-free,” the UK said.
In a statement issued yesterday indicated that the most vulnerable places in the country include areas within 60km of the Kenya-Somali border, Garissa County and Lamu County.

Other areas are Tana River County north of the Tana river itself and within 15km of the coast from the Tana river down to the Galana (Athi-Galana-Sabaki) river.

“Terrorists are very likely to try to carry out attacks in Kenya. There is a heightened threat of terrorism, including terrorist kidnappings, across Kenya,” the statement read in part.

Possible kidnappings on people westerners

Office further warned that al-shabaab orchestrate attacks to abduct and killed people from Europe and US.

“Attacks, including terrorist kidnappings, could target Westerners, including British nationals”.

The Office said that the attacks could be indiscriminate in places frequented by foreigners such as hotels, bars, restaurants, sports bars and nightclubs, sporting events, supermarkets and shopping centres.
Others are commercial buildings, coastal areas including beaches, government buildings, airports, buses, trains and other transport hubs.

Al-shabaab militants had severally kidnapped foreigners and tourists from Kenya coastal areas.
In November 2018, an Italian aid worker Silvia Romano was abducted in Kililfi town.


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