Attacks in Garissa preceded by intelligence reports – leader

Kenya security forces received Intelegence reports prior to al-Shabaab attack in Garissa County but failed to act, Garissa leaders said.

Garissa Woman Representative Anab Subow Gure said the attacks in the county were preceded by intelligence reports.

“It’s time the government took security matters with the seriousness they deserve. The attacks in Diiso, Saretho and Kamuthe were all preceded by credible information and intelligence from the public but the county security teams did not act as required,” Ms Gure said in a statement.

Garissa Governor Ali Korane also said in a statement that he was concerned about the re-emergence of Al-Shabaab and asked police to strengthen intelligence collection.

He added that he would call a consultative stakeholders meeting this week to discuss the insecurity challenges in the county.

At least three non-local teachers were on Monday killed and another one injured after al-Shabaab attack Kamuthe area, Garissa County.

The militants also destroyed mass communication before attacking a nearby AP Camp.


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