Hirshabelle and Southwest leaders meet in Badoa


The leaders of Southwest and Hirshabelle states of Somalia met in Badioa on Tuesday.

President, Abdiasis Hassan Mohamed and Mohamed Abdi Warre held talks in the interim Southwest state administrative capital.

The agenda of the meeting which was also attended by Somalia’s international partners including several European ambassadors will focus on the access market and services as well as promoting access to market for the Shabelle Corridor

The security of the area was heightened during the two-day meeting which will discuss how best to implement the European Union-funded project aimed at improving the economy of the two regions mainly in the agricultural production sector.

Baidoa and Jowhar receive USD 150,000 monthly respectively from the Federal government of Somalia to support their budget.

The two states are home to Somalia’s breadbasket and can feed the nation if farmers in the area received the necessary support to increase their yield.


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