Head of al-Shabaab’s explosives killed in Lower Shabelle region

Somali forces have killed an al-Shabaab leaders in an operation which took place in south of Somali capital, media reported.

According to an article carried by Somali National News Agency, Somali army killed al-Shabaab’s explosive commander in Lower Shabelle’s Wanlawayn town following covert operation.

The leader who is identified as Osman Hussein Bulush was leading the group’s wing tasked for making improvised explosive devices.

SONNA reports that the operative was killed on Thursday following brief fire exchange.

The man has been leading the explosive making wing since late 2018 after his predecessor, Mohamed Sidow was killed in drone attack.

Al-Shabaab which once was in control of large swath territory in south and central Somalia was defeated by Somali army backed by African Union Mission In Somalia (AMISOM).

The group carries out IED attacks in the city and other major towns. Last month the group exploded a vehicle backed with EID at a checkpoint in Ex-Control area, leading to death of over 80 people and injuries of more 100 others.


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