Kenya received warnings of imminent shabaab attack

Maleeshiyaadka Ururka Al-Shabaab /Sawir hore/

Kenya security agencies were Saturday put on high alert over possible al-Shabaab attacks in major towns barely a day after country’s leader declared operations to smoke out al-Shabaab.

Al-Shabaab fighters have recent increased attacks teachers were killed in Northeastern part of the country.

According to a report by the Anti-Terror Police unit report, hundreds of police officers have been deployed in different parts of the country to thwart imminent attack by al-Shabaab.

Several local media reported that undercover officers were mandated to inspect the security preparedness of the hotels claimed to be the target of the terrorists.

They further indicated that the intelligence shared by the ATPU had been provided majorly by foreign governments.

The Mombasa road-based publication further alleged that the police had already prepared plans to have armed officers provide security to hotels.

“The reports have been available to us since the start of December. We are well-positioned to deal with the threats, “an officer told the standard.

Armed GSU officers have also been deployed to patrol areas near the hotels where the police believe the attackers were planning to harm people.

This report comes just a week after al-Shabaab fighters killed three non-local teachers in county and destroyed communication mast.


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