Puntland leader appoints new manager for Bosaso airport

The leader of Puntland state of Somalia Saed Abdullahi Deni has appointed a new manager for Bosaso airport on Sunday.

A signed decree from President Saed Abdullahi Deni’s office named Ahmed Saed Yussuf a new airport manager for Bosaso.

“Following the review of article 80 of the state constitution, consultation from aviation authorities and the need for new management for airport development, I have an appointed Mr. Ahmed Saed Yussuf a new airport manager for Bosaso.” President Deni said in the statement.

Bosaso airport also known as Bandar Qassim International Airport was newly built by China Engineering and Construction Corporation company (CCECC) and was officially opened in early 2016.

The facility receives direct flights from Gulf states and other Asian countries boosting business activities between the horn of the African and the rest of the world.

Bandar Qassim International Airport also serves as the only diversion option for the Somali aviation department airport apart from Egal International in Hargeisa in case of an emergency at Aden Abdulle International Airport in Mogadishu.


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