Somali forces defuse IED in Bossaso

Somali police said they on Monday defused a bomb planted on a road in Bossaso town in northeastern of Somalia.

The bomb was buried on a roadside in one of the suburbs in Bossaso town.

Bari region police Commissioner, Hussein Ali Mohamud who spoke to media said that the officers safely dismantled the bomb and were still inspecting the area for any other bombs.

“We managed to pull out and dismantled a bomb on the road which the public and private vehicles frequently use. We believe Al-Shabaab planted them to target the public,” said Mohamud.

The police chief called on locals to cooperate with the police and report any suspicious items on the road.

“We urge the public to work with the security agencies. We need them to take part in improving the security of the town,” he said.

The move comes barely a day after Jubbaland and Puntland leaders concluded three days meeting in the town.

Al-Shabaab has executed several assassinations and attacks in Port town in recent months.

The group whose fighters were defeated in battle fields have now divert their missions to be hit and run attack.

The group has base in Galgala ranges and frequently clash with ISIS fighters in the area.


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