Somalia plans to evacuate wives of ISIS fighters from Syria

Somali government plans to return wives and children of ISIS fighters to Horn of Africa nation, Somali official confirmed.

In an interview with Swedish Radio, Somalia’s European Union ambassador Ali Said Faqi said Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has offered Somali wives and widows of fighters as well their children chance to return the country and rebuild lives.

The ambassador noted that Somali-Swedish Islamic State members will be allowed to come to Somalia if European countries will not take them.

“If no one wants them and the Europeans do not take them back, then Somalia’s president has decided that women and children who want to can be taken to Somalia,” said Faqi.

Fiqi affirmed that Somalia will prosecute these ex-IS wives and widows if they return to Somalia saying initially they neither travelled from Somalia not committed crime in Somalia.

The Swedish Foreign Ministry has refused to comment on the offer, with the ministry’s press spokeswoman Julia Eriksson Pogorzelska saying: “We are aware of the remarks, but there is nothing we can comment on.”

Kurdish authorities have said that around half of the Swedish woman in the al-Hol prison camp have a Somalian background, a number estimated to be between 30 to 40 people, Swedish broadcaster SVT.


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