US envoy tries to enhance FGS-FMS cooperation


US ambassador to Somalia, Donald Yamamoto held talks with leaders of regional State in a bid to iron out differences between federal and state leaders.

In a statement, the envoy said he is committed to promote FGS-FMS cooperation that will be critical in 2020 for the political development and future of Somalia,

The envoy met with regional leaders of four of the five Federal Member States to discuss the urgent need to jointly address these challenges for the good of Somalia.

“A reenergized process of dialogue and compromise will be necessary on all sides. The United States remains committed, determined and focused on advancing our shared goals and objectives of realizing a secure and prosperous Somalia for all Somalis. The people of Somalia demand it, future generations expect it, and Somalia’s leaders must enact it,” the statement said.

Among the regional leaders the ambassador met with are Ahmed Mohamed Madobe of Jubbaland, Abdiaziz Hassan Laftagaren of Southwest and Puntland’s leader, Said Abdullahi Deni.

During his with Ahmed Madobe, the Ambassador stressed the urgent need for stakeholders in Jubaland and to end the political stalemate and to focus on jointly fighting al-Shabaab.

Ambassador Yamamoto and Madobe discussed advancing the fight against al-Shabaab, strengthening FGS-FMS relations, and the importance of all Somalis working together to advance security, peace, and prosperity in the region.

Ambassador Yamamoto also met with Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni and discussed U.S. support for Puntland Security Forces, the importance of inclusive national elections, advancing development in the region, and the urgent need for cooperation and dialogue between Member States and the Federal Government.

The Ambassador also this week engaged with President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed “Laftagareen” to discuss security and development cooperation in Lower Shabelle.

The Ambassador urged President Laftagareen to continue efforts to unify FGS and FMS around key national issues, such as debt relief and upcoming elections.

Ambassador Yamamoto similarly met President Mohamed Abdi Waare and discussed the importance of strengthening U.S.-Somalia partnership against al-Shabaab and coordinating with AMISOM.


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