President Farmajo to hold talks with leaders of Eritrea and Ethiopia

Somali president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is today expected to arrive in Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea.

The president will be joining the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea to tripartite talks aiming at strengthening ties in the Horn of African region.

According to sources privy to the development, the trio will be discussing on regional cooperation, security, free movement of their citizens among other issues.

Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed arrived in Asmara on Sunday evening where he met with the president of Eritrea ahead of the tripartite meeting.In a twitter post, PM Abiy confirmed that he will be meeting with Somalia and Eritrea leaders to talks on wide range issues.

“I will be meeting with my brothers, the leaders of Eritrea and Somalia, President Isaias Afwerki, President Mohammed Abdullahi and I will discuss on a wide range of issues. As always, I am certain our dear and welcoming city of Asmara will make our stay delightful,” PM Abiy said on Twitter.


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