Somali Deputy PM arrives in Djibouti for education forum

Somali deputy prime minister, Mahdi Mohamed Qadar has arrived in Djibouti for three day summit.

The leaders of Djibouti government have accorded warm welcome to his delegation on their arrival at Djibouti International Airport.

The delegation of the deputy prime minister is part of over 35 governments of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific, Latin American and Caribbean countries who will officially be represented at the III Forum BIE 2030 – International Summit on Balanced and Inclusive Education – in Djibouti on 27-29 January 2020.

During the three-day event, the officials will affirm and sign into being the Universal Declaration of Balanced and Inclusive Education (UDBIE); and affirm and sign into being platforms and mechanisms of technical and financial cooperation to support implementation of commitments made in the UDBIE.

The assembly of nations of the Global South taking leadership in reforming education, preparing societies and communities to confront the challenges and opportunities of sustainable development, embodies the aspirations shared by many in the international community.

Convened with the understanding of the urgency for new equitable models of social and economic development to be constructed through education, the III ForumBIE 2030 – International Summit on Balanced and Inclusive Education – embraces new ideas and ensures new paths can be found.

The Universal Declaration follows in the spirit of previous international agreements on education.

It combines those ideas, links them with novel concepts, and situates them within a holistic, flexible and operational structure resting on four key pillars of Balanced and Inclusive Education (BIE).

The first ForumBIE 2030 was held at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland in December 2017.

In November 2018, II ForumBIE 2030 in Mexico City saw both the launch of the Global Guide of Ethics, Principles, Policies, and Practices in Balanced and Inclusive Education, and the initial signing of the International Call for Balanced and Inclusive Education – the document which called for the preparation of the Universal Declaration of Balanced and Inclusive Education.


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