Somali partners call on Galmudug sides to resolve their differences through dialogue

Somalia’s international partners have called on Galmudug stakeholders to resolve their differences on the formation of regional State in central Somalia.

In a statement, the partners have expressed concerned about the developments in Galmudug State that have emerged during the final stage of the months-long effort towards forming a united and stable Galmudug Federal Member State through a reconciliation process and elections.

“It is important that all the stakeholders remain focused on the need to participate in a process that will enjoy broad support and avoid the risk of instability and conflict. This will require an inclusive approach, forged through dialogue, and will require flexibility on all sides,” the statement reads in part.

The partners recognized that significant efforts have been made in this regard over the past seven months.

The partners urged all actors to remain engaged, to resolve their differences through dialogue, if necessary taking time to do so, and that they remain guided by the objective of a unified and stable Galmudug state and refrain from initiating alternative processes.

“We urge the leadership of Galmudug’s regional assembly, the presidential candidates, Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a, stakeholders gathered in Galkayo and representatives of the Federal Government that are witnessing the process to take an inclusive and transparent approach,” the partners said.

The remarks of the international partners amid Ahlu-Sunna declared formation new assembly in Dhusameeb town barely two weeks after Somali government supported the elders selected lawmakers for Galmudug.

According to Somali ministry for Interior, the Presidential elections of the state will be held this week.


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