US to support Kenya to tighten security in areas near Kenya-Somalia border

The  US government has promised to support security operations in Kenya especially along the border areas.

US will help the government of Kenya tighten the security of the areas along Kenya’s bor with Somalia , US official confirmed.

Speaking to the media, US Ambassador to Kenya, Kyle Mcarter  said that security along the border was very crucial to the country.

“Providing security to Kenyans should be the first priority, he said, adding that the US government will work closely with Kenya on programmes touching on border security.

Mcarter stated that both the US and Kenya will intensify efforts to address terrorist attacks by the Al-Shabaab militants, fully aware of the severity of terrorist attacks.

“We are not quitting, we are fully engaged and we believe that apart from working with KDF, we will also be working with communities against violent extremism,” he said.

He urged the local communities to report cases of threats by terrorists with a view to stepping up the fight against violence extremism.

“They should not fear the police but should share any vital information without fear,” he said, adding that the police are there to protect the citizens.

Kenya has been struggling to avert al-shabaab attack in its soil.

The group had carried out deadly attack inside the east Africa nation after Kenya sent its troops to Somalia in 2011.


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