Kenya says Shabaab attacks on its territories increased by 20% last year


Al-Shabaab attack in Kenya has increased by 20% in 2019 and killed more than eighty people, report said.

The previous year, the terror carried out 56 attacks in Kenya.

A report released by the Centre for Human Rights and Policy Studies (Chrips), indicates that among the victims killed in the attacks were 43 security officers while 26 civilians lost their lives in terror attacks.

According to the report, deadliest attack was Dusit attack which claimed 20 people.

The observatory also recorded the deaths of 11 suspected Al-Shabaab militants in separate incidents involving the attackers and Kenyan security agencies.

Chrips Director Mutuma Ruteere said the figures show that the number of terror attacks increased from 23 incidents in 2018 to 34 last year, with Mandera and Wajir counties bearing the brunt of these incidents where nine occurrences were reported in each county.

Al-Shabaab has been carrying out attacks in Kenya since 2011 when the east Africa nation sent its troops to Somalia.

The group mostly targets non local in read near Kenya-Somalia border.


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