Senior Al-Shabaab sympathiser defects to Jubbaland authorities

Jubbaland authorities have announced that a well-known elder who used to be backing al-Shabaab turned himself in to the authorities.

The authorities have displayed an elder who was identified as Ugas Mohamed Moalim Muhumed to media in Afmadow town of Lower Jubba region in Southern Somalia.

The elder was said to have been funding the group in recent years.

“I was one of al-Shabaab supporters but I decided to cease their support. I am hereby to denounce the violence and the ideologies of the groups,” said the elder who spoke to Jubbaland owned media.

There was no immediate comment from the militant group on the latest defection from the group.

The move comes amid Somali government in cooperation with its partners increased attacks against al-Shabaab in South and Cenetral Somalia.


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