US calls on federal and state gov’ts to iron out differences

The government of United States has called for dialogue to resolve the differences between Somali federal government and its member states.

In a statement, US embassy in Somalia said the stakeholders of the Horn of Africa nation should engage in to resolve their differences and cooperate in their fight against al-Shabaab.

“The United States urges the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States to renew their mutual commitment and coordination, in cooperation with regional and international partners, to defeat al-Shabaab and reestablish governance, security, and prosperity for all Somalis,” U.S ambassador in Mogadishu Donald Yamamoto said.

The ambassador affirmed US has continued outreach efforts to the Somali government and all the presidents of the five Member States.

“A re-energized process of dialogue and compromise will be necessary on all sides to address security challenges for the good of Somalia. The United States is determined to advance our shared goals and objectives,” the ambassador said.

He emphasised that his country is committed to supporting the Somali people in their efforts to build government institutions that are responsive to their needs.

We recognize that Somalia is in a difficult phase in its journey towards democracy. While recent electoral processes were imperfect, we call on all Somalis to focus on reconciliation,” envoy said. “By reaffirming reconciliation between the Somali Federal Government and Member States, Somalia’s leaders will uphold their own commitments to increase political inclusion and pursue long-term peace, security, and stability for all Somalis.”

He said all parties should negotiate in good faith, resist the temptation to act as spoilers, and avoid destabilizing the political process in any way. The people of Somalia demand it, future generations expect it, and Somalia’s leaders must enact it.

“We implore the Federal Government of Somalia, the Federal Member States, Parliament, and all relevant stakeholders to work together to establish security and to ensure credible elections in 2020/1,” he said.


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