SNA rescues eight children from Shabaab

Somali military has rescued eight children from al-Shabaab fighters following operations in Southwest Somalia.

Speaking to the media, Hudur District Ibrahim Isack Ibrahiim said the forces raided al-Shabaab controlled village, Dodali where dozens of under-age children are suspected to have been undergoing radicalization.

“We have successfully rescued children who were undergoing training in camp, they were taught killing, suicide bomb mission,” he said. “These kidnapped male children have been in an Al-Shabaab indoctrination camp in the village.”

He vowed that the forces will continue liberate villages under al-Shabaab fighters.

He accused Al-Shabaab of forcing locals to provide their children for recruitment.

The move comes amid clashes sparked off clashes between Al-Shabaab militias and the locals in central and southern Somalia.

Over the past decade, Al-Shabaab has recruited thousands of children, who have been indoctrinated and deployed to various battles.

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