US resumes aid support to SNA

The government of US has resumed providing direct security assistance to a non-mentored unit of Somali National Army (SNA) in support of counter-terrorism operations in Lower Shabelle against al-Shabaab.

US suspended its support to the army following corruption allegations leveled against SNA.

In a statement, US embassy in Mogadishu said the decision to support SNA was taken following reforms on the military carried out by the Federal Government.

“We commend the steps taken by the Federal Government of Somalia to improve public financial management of the SNAF as part of ongoing institutional reforms, which give the United States increased confidence in accountability mechanisms for donor resources,” the statement reads in part.

The embassy assured that US will only continue support to SNAF operations that are focused on defeating terrorist organizations.

US call on the FGS to continue prioritizing security sector reforms, “including asset management and human resources, as part of the comprehensive effort to build and sustain capable, professional, and accountable security forces.”

Late 2017, US suspended food and fuel aid for most of Somalia’s armed forces over alleged corruption concerns.


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