Somali army kills 13 Shabaab fighters

Somali elite forces have killed 13 al-Shabaab and injured several others following security operations in Lower Shabelle region.

Military owned Radio confirmed that DANAB forces launched operations against Shabaab fighters in Leego locality on Monday.

The operations prompted clashes between the forces and Shabaab shabaab.

Quoting military, the radio reported the forces defeated the militants and disintegrated them.

The operations were part of Somali army plan to annihilate al-Shabaab fighters from Lower Shabelle.

Shabaab control number villages in the region as it lost major towns including Qoryoolay, Afgooye, Marka, Janaane and other to SNA forces.

Following heavy military operations by Somali army, the group opted hit and run tactics.

Shabaab which once was powerful group had lost almost all its territories including the capital after their fighters were defeated by Somali army backed by AMISOM.


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