Aden Duale under fire for distributing expired food

Kenya’s assembly majority leader has been summoned at criminal investigation department in Nairobi following allegations of distributing expired foodstuff an orphanage in Garissa.

According to an article carried by Daily Nation, Adan Barre Duale, Garissa township MP is facing challenges caused by the distribution of spoilt food at Najah Orphanage centre in Garissa’s Bulla Iftin Neighbourhood.

The lawmaker was said to appeared before Assistant Inspector-General of Police Benedict Oyaro to respond to complaints raised by Garissa residents over a donation of spoilt food.

A source who spoke to Daily Nation said the locals filled complaints against the MP following the discovery of the donated expired food at the centre.

“He (Mr Duale) visited the orphanage on Monday. When we opened the food sacks, we saw some black substance which raised concern among us. It is then that we learnt that the food was expired,” said the source who works at the centre.

Following revelations that the food was expired, the Bohra community sent a communication of regret to Mr Duale that the food was indeed bad.

“We have learnt with regret that some dead stock was loaded. We have just come to know the storekeeper was not there during the loading of the foodstuffs and nobody checked,” said the text.

Duale dismissed the allegations saying he was aware of distributing expired foodstuff.


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