Man convicted for rape and murder of Aisha freed from jail

A convicted raper of 12-year girl in Galkayo town of central Somalia has been freed following successful dialogue between his family and the family of the victim.

Abdisalan Abdirahman along with two others including his brother had raped and brutally killed Aisha Ilyas Abdi febry last year.

Three men Abdifitah Abdirahman Warsame, Abdishakur Mohamed Dige, and Abdisalan Abdirahman Warsame prosecuted and found guilty of commiting the crime. The court sentenced the trio to death.

On 12th February this year, two of three men Abdifitah Abdirahman Warsame and Abdishakur Mohamed Dige.

The execution of the third convict, Abdisalan Abdirahman Warsame was delayed ten days to pave the way negotiations between the families.

Following long discussion, both families agreed blood compensation to be paid for the murder of Aisha.

The family of convicted agreed to pay 75 camels, each estimated to be at $500. According sources privy to the development, the family of Abdisalam has already paid $25,000 which equivalent to 50 camels and promised to the remaining amount within three months.

The sources add that Abdisalam was freed on consent of the father of the victim.


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