SNA advancing to capture Jamame

Somali National Army has recaptured villages in Lower Jubba region from al-Shabaab fighters.

In a security operation to liberate Shabaab from the region, the forces succeeded to captured Kaban and Bangani villages.

The commander of 11th battalion of 43rd section of Somali army, Mohamed Badal Hassan told the media that the army has managed to take control the villages without resistance.

He stated that the forces will attack Jamame town, al-Shabaab stronghold town in the region.

“Our forces are heading the town and we expect the town to be under our control soon,” he said.

The move comes amid Somali government vowed to flush out Shabaab from South and central Somalia.

On Tuesday, Somali elite forces killed 13 al-Shabaab and injured several others following security operations in Lower Shabelle region.

Shabaab, which once was powerful group had lost almost all its territories including the capital after their fighters were defeated by Somali army backed by AMISOM.


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