Somalia and Uganda discuss immigration relations


Somali foreign minister, Ahmed Awad Isse has this held meeting with Ugandan ambassador to Somalia.

In a Twitter post, the minister said he hosted ambassador, Mugisha Nathan for breakfast in his home in Mogadishu.

During the meeting, the two officials discussed wide range issues including matters relating to immigration.

The meeting was also attended by Somalia’s director general, Mohamed Aden Kofi.

“I had an important breakfast meeting with Amb Mugisha Nathan, Uganda’s Dep Head of Mission. We discussed key issues on our bilateral and diplomatic ties. We also had a broad discussion on matters relating to immigration in which our Immigration DG, Mr. Mohamed Aden Kofi joined,” the Twitter post reads.

Uganda was the first country to deploy troops under AMISOM into Somalia in 2007 to defend Somali government.

Uganda has provided all four AMISOM Force Commanders with the recent outgoing being w Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti was replaced by Lt. Gen. Silas Ntigurirwa from Burundi.

The Ugandan contingent remains the largest contingent in AMISOM with 6,223 troops based in Sector 1 which comprises of Mogadishu, Middle and Lower Shabelle regions.

Uganda has deployed 12 battle groups into the Mission area. The recently deployed Battle Group 12 joined their Burundian counterparts in Baidoa.


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