Puntland forces liberate villages from al-Shabaab

Somali forces in Puntland state of northeastern Somalia have liberated three villages in the state.

In security operations, forces successfully took control of Hidid, Milho, Ulheed near Almadow ranges.

According to statement, Puntland forces said the operations will be continuous and is aiming at flushing  out al-Shabaab fighters from the state.

“The forces of PSF has carried out operations against al-Shabaab in villages including Hadid, Milhi, Ulhed near Almadow hills, the operations is meant to eradicate the enemy,” the forces said.

The statement urged the public to work with the forces to defeat al-Shabaab fighters in the areas.

Al-Shabaab and ISIS fighters who have bases in northeastern Somalia have severally carried out attacks in Puntland state.

The groups had previously conducted assassinations and killings in Puntland towns including Bossaso and Garowe.

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