Somali government says it destroyed Shabaab base in Middle Jubba

Somali military in cooperation with its partners have destroyed al-Shabaab base in Somalia’s southern region, Lower Jubba.

In a statement, Somali ministry information said the military carried out airstrike targeting Shabaab compound in a village near Dajuma town.

According to the statement, the attack also caused injuries of three fighters.

“This precision airstrike wounded three terrorists while also destroyed a known al-Shabaab compound,” the statement reads in part.

The government said that during the attack, the forces carried out measure to refrain from causing collateral damage.

“The FGS and US AFRICOM take measures to prevent civilian’s casualties in the fight against the terrorist group and investigate each reported allegation fully,” the ministry said, ” At this time, no civilians are assed to have been killed or injured in the attack.”

The ministry urged those with al-Shabaab to defect and take part in the government building process.

“Women who willingly joined al-Shabaab or provide support for their terrorist action are also al-Shabaab. For those men and women who are being forced to join through fear or by force to support al-Shabaab’s false ideology, there is still time to turn away from al-Shabaab,” the ministry affirmed.

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