Somali Lower House speaker insists on one person one vote poll

Somalia’s speaker of the Lower House of Parliament, Mohamed Mursal Sheikh has maintained on the plans to conduct one man one vote in the country come next year general elections.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the eight-session of the Djibouti national assembly, speaker Mursal reiterated the commitment by the Federal government of Somalia in realizing the historic polls to advance democratic exercise in the horn of the African nation.

Ambassador Mursal said the move by the House of the people in approving the elections bill last December will give the green light to conduct the process.

He urged members of the parliament to take a leading role in their respective constituencies particularly during recess by presenting the report to the chambers on their visit to help his office.

Last week, President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has signed legislation that will allow ordinary Somalis to vote in parliamentary elections for the first time since six decades ago.

Under the new election laws, parliamentary seats will be allocated according to the final tallies whereas the members of parliament will then elect the president and prime minister. The prime minister will come from the majority party in the national assembly.


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