SNA chief in Southwest state to step up an offensive against al-Shabaab


The Somali National Army chief of staff, General Odowa Yusuf Rage arrived in Baidoa, the administrative capital of the Southwest state of Somalia on Tuesday.

Accompanied by other high ranking military officials, the SNA chief, and his team was welcomed by the commander of Somali military 60th Division General Mohamed Sheikh Abdullahi.

SNA chief of staff trip comes a day after troops backed by AMISOM forces recaptured the al-Shabaab former stronghold riverside town of Janale in Lower Shabelle region.

General Odowa who held a brief security meeting with senior military officials from SNA 60th division said the operations against armed group in lower Shabelle region has been successful.

The youthful military man was appointed by the President Farmajo seven months ago as parts of ongoing reforms in the Somali security sector.

During his tour, the SNA chief of staff is scheduled to preside over the graduation of contingents from the Baidoa security training center managed by British military advisors.


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