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Mandera bans khat to prevent Coronavirus

Mandera county in Kenya’s northeastern has decided to suspend the importation and selling of khat to prevent spread of Coronavirus in the region.

In a statement, Mandera Governor Ali Roba suspended the transportation and sale of miraa in the county.

The decision has been informed by the high risk of transmission of the Covid-19 virus while handling the commodity.

The Governor is yet to clarify how long the directive will be in place.

Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi also made same announcement to suspend Khat from the county.

Abdi said the decision is a precautionary measure against the spread of the coronavirus which is wreaking havoc across the globe.

The governor directed the county security team to ensure that the ban is enforced.

The move was opposed by some Khat traders from region.

Rukia Ali Abdi, the chairperson of Mandera East Miraa Dealers Association who spoke to Daily Nationsaid that the order by Ma Dera governor will lead to loss of jobs for locals.

“There are more than 500 women in the miraa business in Mandera East alone with many others in other parts of this county. That decision is unfair and the governor did not consult us before making it,” she said.

Ms. Abdi said many young people make a living through selling and transporting miraa.


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