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Puntland leader to visit Mogadishu over FGS-FMS stalemate

Puntland president Abdullahi Said Is expected to travel to Mogadishu to ease the stand off with the federal government of Somalia.

During press conference in Garowe town, the leader hinted that he will be travelling to the capital city to meet with leaders of the federal government.

He said his administration is committed to resolve the month old difference with the federal.

The leader noted that Puntland will be hosting conference to convene leaders of federal government and member states.

“I will be visitinv Mogadishu to discuss with leaders. We also plan to organise meeting with the Federal Government and Federal Member States to discuss on national issues,” Deni said.

Remarks Deni follows call by traditional elders and intellectuals at a conference in Garowe town to hold conference to iron out differences between Somali leaders.

Recent months, Jubbaland states and federal government were at loggerheads following controvsial presidential elections held in Kismayu, which saw Ahmed Mohamed Madobe as winner.

Puntland on its side had disagreement with education ministry over certificate issues and implementations of curriculum.


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