Al-Shabaab intelligence head nabbed in Lower Shabelle region

Somali military has confirmed that its forces captured the head of al-Shabaab Intelligence in Janale town barely a day after the group’s Janale administrator was nabbed.

According to Somali National Army (SNA) force commander, Abdihamid Mohamed, the military arrested Hassan Suleyt aka Hassan Ganey following security operations in and outside Janale town.

The forces arrested the man along with two other operatives.

“The military raided his hide out and found the man and two others, they were taken into custody,” he said.

He lauded the cooperation between the public and the troops to hunt down al-Shabaab fighters.

” The public now closely works with the forces to hunt the terrorist and this is a good start, soon we will annihilate al-Shabaab from this region,” he said.

The arrest of this man comes barely a day after the forces captured al-Shabaab leader in Janale following security operations in the town.

According to the military-owned radio, the man whose name did not display was nabbed after the forces raided a house in which he was hiding.

The operative was the group leader in Janale town which was librated by the Somali national army.

Last week, the Somali army forced al-Shabaab fighters out of the town following heavy clashes.


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