Somalia to quarantine passengers from 13 destinations after lift ban on flights

The federal government of Somalia will quarantine passengers coming from China, E.U, U.S, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, India, UAE, Malaysia, KSA, and South Africa for 14 days upon the arrival.

The ministry of health said the travelers will undergo mandatory two weeks’ coronavirus screening a day after the country lifted two days’ ban on international flights.

“The ministry of health urges passengers at entry points to follow the instructions of the health professionals.” A statement said.

The temporary directive issued on Saturday by the aviation authority was meant to allow stranded Somali citizens in various airports back home within 48 hours.

Following the order an Ethiopian airline from Addis Ababa landed in the northern city of Hargeysa with passengers.

Only cargo planes with supplies such as medicine and other humanitarian products are granted permission according to the aviation authority.

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