Somali gov’t warns against hoax to target ex-president

Madxweynihiii hore ee Soomaaliya, Sheekh Shariif Sh. Axmed

The Somali government has refuted claims made by the opposition umbrella on Tuesday.

In a statement the Forum for National Parties allege that government troops surrounded their headquarters and the home of former President, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed adding the manoeuvre was intended to target the former head of state Sharif Ahmed.

In response, the government strongly rejected the allegation saying the reports are baseless.

A press statement from the ministry of internal security dismissed the claims made while assuring that the former head of state security is managed by contingents from the VIP protection unit.

” The Ministry of Internal security would like to inform that the current head of state and former leaders’ security details are managed by the VIP protection unit.” Adding ” The purported claims circulating in the media is baseless.”

The Ministry further warned what it described as individuals spreading false information or rumors to create unnecessary security tension.

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