Somaliland authorities arrest Journalist in Hargeysa

Authorities in Somaliland have arrested Journalist Saed Ibrahim in Hargeysa on Sunday.
The editor of Somaliland chronicle online site was put behind bars in connection to an article on the page detailing a corruption involving some government officials and the leadership of a local organization.

The article published on 24th march has accused Somaliland officials including Minister of Employment, Family and Social Affairs Ms. Hinda Jama Gani, Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Development Ms. Yurub Abib Abdi are embezzling funds meant for women and children in the self-declared state.

The chair-lady of Somaliland women and children organization (NOW)
Ms. Halima Haji Abdi was also mentioned in the article titled “Petty theft: How one Somaliland Women Organizations Officials are embezzling aid intended for internally displaced in Hargeisa.”

The police didn’t comment on the arrest of the online Journalist and it is not immediately clear when he will be brought before the court for charges.

The arrest of journalists and activists is very common in Somaliland thus human rights organizations have appealed for authorities in northern Somalia to respect the media freedom in various reports.

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