Garissa authorities set aside ICU beds for Corona victims


Garissa County government has set aside 6 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds at the Garissa referral hospital as it steps up measures to manage Corona virus in case of an outbreak.

Garissa deputy governor Abdi Dagane urged the residents to strictly follow guidelines provided by the ministry of health to limit the spread of the deadly virus.

“Basic hygiene starts with hand washing. It is therefore prudent upon every resident to also avoid crowded places to forestall the prospects of ending up in a hospital bed,” noted the DG.

He said that the health department has also set aside maternity shelter as isolation ward with 20 beds to quarantine those suspected to be infected with the virus.

The deputy governor said that there were several special ambulances that will respond to cases of Corona virus.

Local residents have been on the spot for reckless and uninterrupted social gatherings such as weddings that can aid the spread of the virus.

“We urge our people to stay safe and stay at home unless necessary and follow government directives. This virus is dangerous,” Dagane said.

Its a race against time as the country’s positive cases shot to 122 and 4 deaths as at Friday.


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