Erdogan hospital closed as medics test positive for Coronavirus

Isbitaalka Digfeer ee dib u habeynta uu ku sameeyay Turkiga.

Rajjab Tayyip Erdogan’s research and referral hospital in Somali capital was closed on Saturday after some medical staff tested positive for Coronavirus.

The hospital management has said the facility has stopped admission of new patients from 11th April till 31st May but will be open for emergency cases related to maternal health and damages resulted from blasts in the city.

The decision follows some of the medical staff at one of the country’s best hospital contracted Coronavirus and among them is the head of the pediatric unit Dr. Ibrahim Guled who confirmed in his Facebook account.

Dr. Guled who is also the secretary-general of Somali doctor’s union appealed to the citizens in the country to take the presence of the virus seriously by staying at home for prevention measures.

The staff contracted the virus after interacting with one of the patients who tested positive for COVID 19 that was admitted at the Turkish built and equipped hospital a week ago.

The management has since resorted to quarantine all the medical and non-medical personnel in the hospital.


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