Hirshabelle leader calls for closure of Somali-Ethiopia border over COVID 19

The leader of Hirshabelle state, Mohamed Abdi Ware has called for the closure of Somalia border with Ethiopia in Hiran region.

President Ware was speaking we he chaired an emergency meeting regarding the response towards the Coronavirus in his state.

He stated that stiff action should be taken against anyone found smuggling Khat into Hirshabelle regions from Ethiopian border.

The regional leader directed the governors and the district commissioners in the state as well as the security apparatus to come up with strategies and measures of stopping the import of stimulant leaf, Khat coming from Ethiopia.

The meeting which was attended by the regional COVID 19 emergency committee focused on how to reinforce the containment and mitigation measures COVID19 and security as well.

The meeting also urged the various government agencies and public to collaborate closely in the fight against the virus.

State minister for Justice, Khalif Mumin passed away on Sunday after testing positive for the virus.

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