Ex-President Mohamud terms arrest of Goobjoog journalist a sign of dictatorship

Former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has termed the arrest and detention of Goobjoog Media Group journalist as an assault to democracy noting the country was sliding into dictatorship.

President Mohamud said in a tweet the arrest of journalists just to silence them is of no help to building a democratic Somalia.

“Threatening and arresting the journalists just to silence them will NOT help the nascent democracy in our beloved country, Somalia,” the former head of state said. “The detention of the prominent journalist Mr. Gurbiye of Goobjoog is a sign of dictatorial culture in the making.”

The former leader who led the country between 2012 and 2016 called on the leadership of the country to protect free expression noting the intimidation and arrest of journalists was ‘not our culture’.

“My advice is the leaders of our nascent democracy to change the course – Protect the voice legitimate freedom of expression. That is Good for Somalia and good for their legacy.”

President Mohamud’s remarks come hours after the Goobjoog journalist was transferred to Central Prison in Mogadishu under unclear circumstances.

According to Goobjoog News, the journalist was taken to Central Prison without charges. The media outlet said it did not know for how long the journalist would be under detention.

Gurbiye was arrested Tuesday in what police said was the publication of Facebook posts.

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